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2015 Annual Report

Take a look at all we were able to accomplish last year


Cultivating healthy people and communities through urban organic agriculture.


“I always had the drive to better
myself, but Growing Home gave me
the tools and really brought it out of me.


"I like to give people
perspective on change,
let them know that change
is possible."


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"I want my kids to see me out here working so they can be motivated to do the same thing."


“I know I can deliver a powerful message.
And Growing Home is part of that message.”


Turning Point: Growing Home and the Englewood Transformation

Watch to learn how we’ve spent the past decade bringing job opportunity and organic produce to Englewood through urban agriculture.


Wherever I go in the next five, ten, twenty years, it's always going to come back to this. To Growing Home. Because there's something that you all saw in me, and your hearts went out to me. People don't have to do something like that if they don't want to. They do it because they believe someone like me deserves a second chance. Growing Home gave me a second chance.

Program Graduate

Growing Home Needs Your Support

Growing Home needs your help to raise $125,000 this holiday season in support of our life changing job training program and food access initiatives.

YOU can empower our participants to overcome trauma, tackle barriers, and gain the skills and confidence to start careers. Make a donation today to empower our participants to become their best selves.

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2015 Annual Report

Take a look at all we were able to accomplish last year in our job training program, on our farms, and in our community. Thanks to all of you who contributed to our success!

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Our new logo

Growing Home is thrilled to unveil our new logo!

After 10 years of work in Englewood we’ve freshened up our image to prepare for the next chapter of growth and another decade of building healthy people and communities.

Conceptualized collaboratively with our staff, Board of Directors, and Associate Board, we believe our new image represents our stature as an established and accomplished organization, and communicates the intersection of people, communities, and farming that serves as the foundation of our work.