An important change is coming to Growing Home



Thank you to everyone who supported Growing Home by donating to, sponsoring, and attending our 6th Annual Backyard Dinner!


"Being responsible for plants and seedlings, and caring for them much like you would a child, gave me a sense of being needed."


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"This program helped me become a professional. I have a 401k. I have good benefits. I’m proud. My mom is proud."


Cultivating healthy people and communities through urban organic agriculture.


"I like to give people
perspective on change,
let them know that change
is possible."





An Important Announcement

Growing Home has some news to share with all of our valued supporters.

Learn more about an important change coming to Growing Home.







6th Annual Backyard Dinner

Join Growing Home for our 6th Annual Backyard Dinner at 
Bang Bang Pie & Biscuits in Logan Square for an outdoor evening of
local food, drinks, and prizes!

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Creating Your Legacy

Our graduates are parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, and neighbors whose experience at Growing Home creates a ripple effect in their communities. This piece gives you a glimpse of how lives are touched through our work and your support.


Wherever I go in the next five, ten, twenty years, it's always going to come back to this. To Growing Home. Because there's something that you all saw in me, and your hearts went out to me. People don't have to do something like that if they don't want to. They do it because they believe someone like me deserves a second chance. Growing Home gave me a second chance.

Program Graduate