"There’s never been a day that I came to Growing Home and wasn’t given the support I needed."


Empowering healthy people and communities through urban organic agriculture.


"If you have that drive and passion to succeed, the Growing Home community can help get you there."


"Being responsible for plants and seedlings, and caring for them much like you would a child, gave me a sense of being needed."


"This program helped me become a professional. I have a 401k. I have good benefits. I’m proud. My mom is proud."


"I like to give people
perspective on change,
let them know that change
is possible."


Josephine’s Story

Josephine struggled with addiction for 30 years, making it difficult to obtain stability in her life. She thought there were no doors were open for her. But when she came to Growing Home, Josephine received the support and confidence she needed to land full-time employment and gain the stability she always desired.


What If We Could Grow?

Featuring alumni, community partners, employer partners, staff, and more, this testament to our work recounts Growing Home’s impact over the past 17 years, while posing a very important question: What if this is just the beginning?


2018 Annual Report

Check out Growing Home’s 2018 Annual Report. Thanks to all our donors and partners who helped make 2018 an incredible year!

Wherever I go in the next five, ten, twenty years, it's always going to come back to this. To Growing Home. Because there's something that you all saw in me, and your hearts went out to me. People don't have to do something like that if they don't want to. They do it because they believe someone like me deserves a second chance. Growing Home gave me a second chance.

Program Graduate