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Thank you so much for supporting Growing Home.

What Does My Donation Support?


One week of meals for a family in Englewood


One pop-up farmer’s market in our community


Supplies and seedlings for our children’s Learning Garden


One month of wages for an employment training program participant

Josephine’s Story

Josephine struggled with addiction for 30 years, making it difficult to obtain stability in her life. She thought there were no doors were open for her. But when she came to Growing Home, Josephine received the support and confidence she needed to land full-time employment and gain the stability she always desired.

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Dollars have been Raised So Far

Every dollar raised will help support our life changing job training program and food access initiatives in Englewood

of Our Goal has been Reached

Our goal is to raise $100,000 by January 31st. YOU can help us get there!


We’re hoping to reach more donors than ever before!

"There is no greater gift than giving someone an opportunity—to enable them to find pride and joy in their work."


Thank You to Our Year-end Donors!

Edward Feldman
Noell Jezek
Joe Rosengarten
Lamorris Perry
Joseph Harrington
Thomas Kinasz
Marie Stringer
Augustus Spelman
Christina Ernst
Mary Jane Grinstead
Cecile Carrie
Nicole Robinson
Mallorie Chapman
Lindsey Jones
Ericka Marshall
David A Jones
Linda Berg
Shannon Stokes
Lyon Leifer
Kelli Jarreaux
Carrien Motte
Timothy Backe
Ashima Talwar
Jonathan Santos Silva
Alex Wong
Jasmine Booth

Sandra Luckins
Beth Eifrig
Kimberly Hodges
William Quam
Whitney Tyler
Nenna Nwazota
Gail Gillispie
Bruce Tammen
Charlotte Cottier
Marny & Matt Zimmer
Taeyun Kim
Megan Manetas
Edna Springer
Annette D’Anna
Kevin Ogorzalek
Mara Raden
Janelle St John
Dan Kaplan
Bonnie Walker
Tammi Hixson
Sarah Cutcliffee
Nikoa Ham
Kim Ebert
Qiana Cryer Coupet
Hillary Lofton
Mary Strupeck
Marina Fomby
Mariela Estrada
Karmen Kizzie Rouland

 Deb Santi
Olivia Rath
Karen Lewis
Carolyn Kos
Eunita Wilson
Oluade Ajayi
Harry Rhodes
Lisa Leib
Charnisette Swinton
Casey Larson
Benjamin Segedin
Alana Mayo
Cecile Carroll
Cynthia Bryant
Joan Kleinman
Hattie Person Adams
Renee Perry-Porte
Ellen Ross
Marchelle Goens
Karen McManus
Marlene Layton
Sarah Haque

John Schulz
Karl Riley II
Rebecca Dahldorf
Gina Caruso
Suzy Giese
Kevin Swan
Mary Bechtol Obrzut
Sara Foszcz
Rusty Foszcz
Bill Swan
Nitha Fiona Nagubadi
Catherine Montgomery Senesac
Susan E. Fisher
Judy Beth Ashworth
Nicki Douros
Anghara Kaligsdaughter
Fran Starkey Steffen