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Thank you so much for supporting Growing Home.

What Does My Donation Support?


Seeds required to produce 300 meals


Public transportation for a program participant for one month


One week of wages for one program participant


Interview apparel for all 2019 program graduates

Allen’s Story

Allen grew up in DCFS, without a family. Missing that support system to guide him, Allen served eight years in prison before making the decision to empower himself and transform his life. Today, Allen is working full-time, renting his own apartment, and will be starting school in January.

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Dollars have been Raised So Far

Every dollar raised will help support our life changing job training program and food access initiatives in Englewood

of Our Goal has been Reached

Our goal is to raise $125,000 by January 31st. YOU can help us get there!


We’re hoping to reach more donors than ever before!

"There is no greater gift than giving someone an opportunity—to enable them to find pride and joy in their work."


Thank You to Our Year-end Donors!

Gina Caruso
Amanda Delheimer
Cynthia Wolfson
Sue Fletcher
Mildred C. Barnes
Catherine Uhrich
Michael Socie
Karen Jacobs
Susan Smith (and Sherry)
Harriet Mishoulam
Linda Shapiro
Larry and Judi Braskamp
Megan Hougard
Joe Rosengarten
Connie Scott
Dov Rhodes
Helene and Harry Rhodes
Dave and Joni Lewandowski
Marie Dickson
Noell Jezek
Maximillian Gibbons
Andrew and Mary Tinich
Alison Tobach
Tessa Burton
Stephanie and Mike Waugh
Michael Slutsky and Susan Agate
Gita and Lee Weintraub
Kathy and Dan Kaberon
Shari and Charles Granat
Dina Elenbogen and Steven Siegel
Wendy Yanow
Saul and Sandra Klibanow
James and Kathy Nielsen
Elizabeth and Francois Blondel
Mark Jungers
Thomas Amato
Jennifer Lauer
Mary Ann and Kerry Kennedy
Daniel Sachs
Stephen Latreille
Tabitha Humphries
Marcus Paschall and Barbara Barreno
Karen and Ed Weil
Rebekah Paine
Edna Schade
Jim Goodridge and Joan Riley
Nancy and Ross Green
Olivia’s Market
Frances Gordon
Craig Morrison and Deborah Kinzer
Daniel Conway

Teresa and Dirk Fucik
Jo Ann and Steven Potashnick
Kim and Chris Fronk
Kathleen and Robert Miodonski
Cynthia Gray
Margaret Dilullo
Janice Gintzler
Kit Tilly & Joe Rimensberger
Morton and Reva Denlow
Jeanne Fec
Kathy Talmage
Heather Haukness
Amy Hartwig
Natalie Edwards
Akofa Bonsi
M L Jelachich
Barbara Murphy
Benjamin Segedin and Carolyn Garrett
Elizabeth and Thomas Stringer
Scott Moorhouse
Lena Ferrara Mullin
Susan and Brad Schulman
Steven and Vivian Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Wildman
S.B. Friedman & Company
Stephon Davis
Cristina Groff
Constance Spreen
Jonathan Yenkin and Susan Fisher
Augustus Spelman
Sean Wiedel
Travis Cronkhite
Audrey Green
CT Williams
Tracy Hurst
Avery Hurst and Claire Stringer
Dominick Cannata
Hannah Vandercook
Mackenzie Canfield
Louis B. Gottlieb
Nancia Marika Shawver
John Washburn
Ellen Rosen Kaplan
Fred Schwartz and Mary McFarlane
Bill and Carol Moody
Natalie Saltiel
Kassie and Mark O’Driscoll
Nicholas Van Heest
Zachary Dabah
Edward Feldman
Emily Sper
The Connection (Tsen Dojo)
Karen Nielsen & Joseph Mariano
Jean De St. Aubin
Wendy Littlefield and Donald Feinberg
Eve Shapiro
Susan Rynell

Casey Larson
Judy Aronson and Marc Hilton
Charlotte Cottier
Donna Fulks
Mary Jane and Philip Grinstead
Daniel and Andrea London
Susan Matejka
Richard Silbert
Thomas Aries and Shelley Fox
Cara Schwalbach
Kevin Swan and Venous Shabahang
Helene Yen
Cooper Foszcz
Marcia Pollard
Bill Galusha
Jenny Rowland
Roni Strassman
Linda Petty
Dean and Deborah Zemel
Barbara Dufford
Benjamin Bush
Christine Parker
Mike and Cathy Fields
Marie Stringer
Darcy Grostick
Jeanne Cuff
Jennifer Suvari
Michael Santee
Jim and Brenda Manzardo
David Harris
Barbara and Bryan Caspersen
Laurie Bederow
Connor Siegel
Kristina Kazemek
Michael and Melissa Stein
Deana Curcio

Mark Bourdenko and Madeline Wolfe
Alexis Macias
Mike Furlong
Jean Ogilvie
Catherine Nardi and Eric Gasterich
Chris Parker
Jason Waugh
Darla Kroeger
Carolyn Kos
Katharine Uhrich
Rosalie and Paul Greenberger
Maria and Randy Altmayer
Foster Dale
Taeyun Kim
Jessica Grossnickle
Katherine Grayson
Karen’s Stuff
Emilia Arellano
Larissa Mariano
Andrew Marikis
Marie Stringer
Dave Mausner and Gale Zemel
Annika Brown
Claire Stringer
Simin Hemmati Rasmussen
John Ettelson
Patricia Janezich
Jim and Lynn Harris
Charles and Jutta Helm
Karen and Kate Goetz
Sam Donaldson
Deborah and Robert Render
Bernard Silverman and Grace Gifford
Ellen and George Galland
Lauren Daniel