Letter from Harry Rhodes, Executive Director

Fourteen years ago, I stood alongside Les Brown at the edge of an empty field and envisioned how the power of farming could change lives. As I look back today, I know that Les would be proud of, and amazed at, the organization he founded.

To date, we’ve trained over 400 people and helped thousands fulfill their dreams of a healthier, more stable life.

In 2014, 85% of our participants finished our 14-week program and 85% of our graduates obtained jobs, most of which pay above minimum wage and include benefits. Our numbers are a point of pride, but they don’t tell the whole story and they don’t capture the resilience and perseverance shown by the individuals that now make up the Growing Home family, or the unique path that each one took to get where they are today.

Each of our program participants walks through our doors with their own set of experiences. Many have criminal backgrounds, many have been homeless, many have struggled with addiction, and many have dealt with poverty their whole lives. Their daily challenges include how to get to work, where to stay at night, and where to drop off their kids during the day.