Why YOU should support Growing Home!

Support Community Change through Organic Agriculture!

Growing Home believes that organic agriculture is the perfect vehicle for social change.

We established Chicago’s first USDA-Certified organic, high-production farms. Our urban farms, located on Chicago’s South Side, and our rural farm, located in Marsailles, IL, are the sites of our training program and community outreach focus.


We provide employment training for people who have difficulty finding jobs. In our program, participants (interns) explore the foundations of urban farming, health, nutrition and food systems, and obtain universal job skills. Each intern chooses a career focus—customer service, food prep, or horticulture and landscaping, and at the end of the 14-week training period, they are well-equipped to enter their field.


We also work to make positive and long-lasting differences in the communities in which we’re rooted. We have farm stands, host school field trips, and lead a neighborhood task force dedicated to bringing economic restoration and opportunity to the community via urban agriculture. We advocate for sustainable urban agriculture, food access, and food security.


But we can’t do it alone. Give now to ensure that the work we do continues to grow and touch the lives of the communities in which we work. 



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