Why we’re proud to be a community partner


“For the workers at Growing Home who cheerfully greet us each morning in heat or cold, this garden is a labor of love.”

Growing Home has worked with Su Casa Catholic Worker Charities since 2003, maintaining an organic garden on the site of their soup kitchen, which provides much needed support for displaced latino families. A note from their staff:

There are few things that bring me more joy than stepping out into the beautiful garden that Growing Home has landscaped right here in our backyard at Su Casa. It always fills me with awe to see the stunning flowers, and the abundance of good, fresh food that can come from this combination of real hard work, determination, and the work of the soil. Our neighborhood, Back of the Yards, has boarded up houses on just about every block, and seeing Growing Home’s work is so refreshing, it is a place of  hope. For me, the garden is often a place of escape, where I can seek a moment of solitude and watch the sun set, or drink an early morning cup of coffee, but I know that for the workers at Growing Home, who cheerfully greet us each morning in heat or cold, this garden is a labor of love.


It is wonderful to have such beauty on our land, but it also good to know that real people are benefitting from the garden. The workers are receiving valuable life skills and building a hopeful future, and in doing so, they are providing good fresh food to many consumers in the area, including us. Every week there is a crate for Su Casa with lettuces, fresh tomatoes, squash, you name it. This is one more thing that makes it feel like Su Casa is anything but an ordinary shelter. Having fresh produce brought right to our door, by kind, hard working people who have been tending these plants for months. Who could ask for more than that?

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