Why I’m proud to be a Growing Home Graduate


“Mere words are inadequate in trying to articulate my boundless gratitude for such a phenomenal program.” 


Last summer, Allencia graduated from Growing Home’s job training program. Since graduation, she has expanded her interest in horticulture and organic farming, and because of her talent and passion, Growing Home was able to hire her on for the remainder of the growing season. This is what she has to say about her time with Growing Home:


Growing Home has had an IMMENSE influence on my life. After being released from federal prison, I went through some serious challenges in trying to find a job. I looked the part, I played the part, and employers were thrilled about having me become a part of their company’s team–that is until they later learned I was a convicted felon. After four long months of diligent job-seeking, I received the beautiful blessing of Growing Home through a friend.


I must say, mere words are inadequate in trying to articulate my boundless gratitude for such a phenomenal program. A program that was designed for someone like me. A program that not only gave me a second chance but gave me a sense of hope in knowing that there are companies out there that can actually see past who I was but see who I am and who I am becoming. I will always and forever be truly grateful to Growing Home for a taking a chance to get to know me, my character, my personality, and my hard work ethics. I have had the opportunity to meet with all kinds of people from all over the world and the pleasure to educate them on nutrition, food preparation, and healthy lifestyles. Before Growing Home, I had no idea what a vital role plant life played in life itself, which I now have the up most respect for.
Working as an intern at Growing Home allowed me to develop such a deep passion for this type of work that I’m looking to pursue a career in agriculture. Some time ago, a friend asked me, “Do you feel successful?” Honestly, I wasn’t able to answer that question up until this very moment: Yes! I feel very successful. I feel you are successful when you remember that somewhere, sometime, someone, gave you a gift, and that gift is what started you in the right direction. I believe you are blessed when you pass that gift on to someone else. That’s exactly what I intend to do!
Thanks Growing Home for allowing me to be a part one of the greatest gifts.

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